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boxing kitty

September 2006



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Sep. 28th, 2006

boxing kitty


We are "news without borders,

news without orders"...

This is a world news syndicate
which does not answer to the corporate money powers
which tookover the entire news media ,
and are now using it to script the public discourse about their activities.
We are independent of this.
Hence real journalism, a source of news for you(and for outlet)
which is NOT bound to serve as P.R. company for that. -for the global corporate political
We gather and diseminate the news ,which PEOPLE generate,
so that it is what THEY are actually intereted in following the progress of
(as the set of things they ARE actually interested in ,and that a society
ought to be focused on and working on together) - NOT just some spectator CRAP about
the latest "O.J. SIMPSON" spectacle, or the spoonfed SPIN about how we "think" that (politician's name) is great, and what he's doing is great(and actually for US!), and how we don't actually CARE that he rigged the election-and noone is dissenting or in disapproval or unhappy about any of this(Well - it MUST be this way, since we hear NOTHING on " T H E N E W S " about such disapproval, not a peep. So we KNOW that therefore there ISN'T any, right?(Because the news is a sacred function of our democracy - and it WOULDN'T get taken over by some corporations, so that there IS NO news, just the PR and AD VENUE for their branding into your brains what they want you to REPEAT that you (passively agree, it's easy)THINK of it alll!!!! Right?

WE exist because things sadly have become this way, in America. And worldwide,as we now are.

We just happen to be staffed by mostly women (the way the media JUST HAPPENED to be staffed by all men before the 70's (it was just an amazing coincidence, ya know?!).

AND...we are here to document what all of womankind really thinks and wants(NOT what anyone tells you you think, including us) ABOUT THE IMMINENT CHANGE FROM PATRIARCHY TO BITRIARCHY, which we are about to see.
Stick around. It oughta be fun! (Invigorating, and interesting!)

And be sure to take part, or it won't happen at all ( We are not the dictators of anything).
(If YOU don't say how you want it, then opportunists and robbers will!)
So stick around,get and keep involved in the building and having and running of your own world as you're entitled to.(The only other alternative is to stick your hands in your pocket, and say "Oh well- what can WE do? Nothing." And that'd be untrue, a shameful cop-out, a total letdown of the future(your children and theirs..). And it'd be a complete forfeit of your life's opportunity and right. To say what we want, get what we want,have what we want. IT'S OURS!

So HERE IS the news, the real news, our news, as we want it - because it's ours.Let's begin-

Sep. 8th, 2006

stand by - loading...

Stand by,loading program...


Sep. 5th, 2006


Welcome! Please stand by -

We are in progress of starting up-